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Kids' Corner

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Presented by Ribo & Somi, the Ribosome Superheroes!

Hello friends!


This page is just for you, the kids in the SDS community. We have collected many fun videos and printables for you to learn about SDS, science, and the community. Have fun and keep on learning!


Ribo & Somi

Downloadables &Printables

Idea 2

Tip for parents: Do you have a kids' event coming up? A birthday party or a rare disease / SDS event at school? The Hero Kids in the Making Coloring Book and the Ribo & Somi Coloring Calendar are available printed and assembled. Check out the order links below. Allow at least three weeks for shipping and handling, or contact us for custom needs at


A coloring book with a lovely story written by an SDS dad and illustrated by an SDS child, to help replace fear of hospital and doctors' visits with fun, adventure, and imagination.

Read more about how Elijah inspired his dad to write this story and how the coloring book came about, here.

Download a printable PDF (English, letter size) version or order printed booklets, here.

Other formats and printed copies are available upon request by emailing Please allow several weeks for printing and shipping.


Now also in Spanish!!!!

Download a printable PDF (Spanish, letter size) version or order printed booklets, here.

Ribo & Somi's Coloring Calendar for coloring and learning

We are seeking volunteers to help with translations into any languages not already done.


New! The 2024 edition is available in English for download or in print, here:

English (letter size)

Other languages and formats are available by emailing

Currently available: 

  • Español 

  • Français

  • Magyarul

  • Svenska


From our friends at the Immune Deficiency Foundation:

IDF - Our Immune System.png
IDF - A Zebra Tale.png

Mixed Bag



Learn about DNA,
genes, and chromosomes.

This great video about DNA is also available in Spanish and Arabic.

Learn about bone marrow, blood cells, and the immune system
Learn about the digestive system, liver, and pancreas
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